Presentations and Papers

Consular Corps of Washington, D.C.: Human Trafficking and the Trafficking Victims Protection Act, [February 2008]

FBI Academy, Quantico, VA: International Extradition [c. 2000]

Foreign Service Institute, Arlington, VA: International conflict resolution
[c. 1997-98]

New York City Police Academy, NY: Search and Seizure [c. 1980-81]

“Extradition and the U.N. Torture Convention: Mironescu v. Costner [Int’l Enforcement Law Reporter, vol. 23, issue 15, May 2007]”

“U.S. Supreme Court Gives Narrow Definition to U.S. Money-Laundering Law in United States v. Santos [IELR, vol. 24, issue 8, Aug. 2008]”

“Narcotics Conspiracy Law in New York” (1977 monograph)